BrookeAB is an American gamer and Twitch streamer who is a member of the 100 Thieves gaming organization. She started streaming on Twitch and making videos on YouTube in 2018 and earned a lot of popularity for her collaborations with popular internet personality Corinna Kopf. Her online career was jeopardized by death threats from stalkers, but the issue was resolved following the involvement of the FBI.


Early Life

BrookeAB, who wanted to work with criminally insane people, graduated with bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Forensic Psychology from Western Oregon University in March 2019. She got interested in video games by watching her older sister play games.


BrookeAB started streaming herself playing video games on Twitch in order to “get through college”. She already played a lot of games and started streaming regularly on Twitch in July 2018 to earn some extra money while doing what she loved doing. She was a huge fan of Corinna Kopf and obsessively watched her YouTube videos, streams and even bought her merchandise. After noticing one of her selfies with her merch, Corinna recognized her as a Twitch streamer and invited her to play Fortnite with her. She eventually became a member of Corinna’s streaming crew alongside Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenneya, one of the biggest streamers at the time, and Symfuhny, who ended up becoming her boyfriend.

While she primarily played Fortnite, she also featured games like Animal Crossing: New Horizon, Roblox, Human Fall Flat, Minecraft, Golf It, The Sims, and Valorant in her streams. She shared highlights from her streams on her YouTube channel, apart from uploading vlogs about her gaming experiences or her visit to Twitchcon 2019 with boyfriend Symfuhny. She was pleasantly surprised when she got a call from Matt Haag aka Nadeshot, founder of the 100 Thieves gaming organization. She joined the group’s e-team as a content creator on November 6, 2019.


BrookeAB had to consider quitting streaming after she realized that she had a group of stalkers. She revealed the “emotional nightmare” of being a victim of online stalking and harassment through a long Twitter post in October 2020. She even received graphic death threats to her and her family that culminated in the FBI and law enforcement across multiple states getting involved to apprehend the culprits. While she had initially stopped streaming for a month, she later resumed her career.

Family Life

BrookeAB was born as Brooke Ashley Bond and grew up with an older sister. After joining Corinna’s streaming crew, she was convinced to go on a blind date with Symfuhny (real name Mason Lanier) for a YouTube video, but ended up actually liking him. While they kept talking, she claimed that he friend-zoned her three times before they started dating. In early 2023, rumors spread that the couple had split, possibly due to infidelity, following which she took to Twitter to update her fans that they were “very much still together and no I have not and will not ever cheat on him”.