Brice Rivera is an American social media star who is the older brother of popular internet personality and actor Brent Rivera. His other two siblings are also popular celebrities: Blake is a successful hockey player and the vice president of TSG Wealth Management, while Lexi has millions of fans across various social media platforms. Brice himself has a YouTube channel and profiles on Instagram and TikTok, although he has not been active on any of them. However, he often appears in his siblings’ contents.

Early Life

Brice Rivera played hockey since he was five years old. He started out playing roller hockey after a friend, who got into it, made him interested in the sport. While his friend soon stopped playing it, he has continued to play.


Like the rest of the family, Brice Rivera followed his younger brother Brent into social media. Brent was the first in the family to start making YouTube videos in May 2012 and often featured his siblings in his videos. Brice appeared in the video Accent (Challenge With Brent) back in December 2013, followed by more appearances in Would You Rather!?!? and So You Think You Can Dance?!? | Brent Rivera (w/ Brice) early next year. He created his own YouTube channel in May 2014 and started uploading with the video, Ask Brice I First Video, the same month. He went on to appear in more videos on his brother’s channel, like Impersonation Challenge (w/ Brice) and Earth To Echo Movie Screening (w/ Teo & Brice).

In July 2014, Brice featured his sister Lexi in the video My Little Sister Drove A Motorhome?! I #siblingtag. His next video, titled Are You Fall AF?!, came much later in October 2015. He has since then uploaded only one more video, New Years Resolutions: Expectation VS. Reality, in January 2016, which was the last time he was active on the channel. However, he has continued to appear in video on Brent’s channel, including WHO'S MY FAVORITE SIBLING?? in September 2019. Moreover, he has also appeared in similar videos on the channel of his sister Lexi, including Who Knows Me Better?! (BROTHER VS BROTHER), I PRANK EVERY MEMBER IN MY FAMILY!! and more recently on OVERPROTECTIVE BROTHERS REACT TO MY CRINGEY TIKTOKS!! His last post on his Instagram profile @bricerivera was in September 2020. He has the most followers on his @bricerivera TikTok profile, but ironically does not have any content on the platform as of now.

Family Life

Brice Rivera was born to Laura and John Rivera. His father is a firefighter, while his Mexican origin mother is a teacher. He is the oldest among four siblings. He has a younger brother named Blake who is a successful hockey player who competed for a national championship with his Jr. Ducks hockey team. While all the siblings are popular on the internet, his younger brother Brent started the trend and is the most popular. His younger sister Alexa aka Lexi is a former elite level gymnast.