Briblixks, whose real name is Brianna, is an American social media star who rose to fame on her TikTok profile @briblixks for sharing lip-sync and dance performances. She later started vlogging and making challenge and prank videos on YouTube in mid-2022 and regularly collaborated with her boyfriend and YouTube star K2RaW. They released the official music video for Think About You on K2RaW’s channel in April 2023.

Early Life

Briblixks completed her school graduation from the Bridgeport Military Academy in June 2022.


Briblixks started her social media journey in May 2020 when she posted a POV of an argument with a boyfriend on her TikTok profile. She also often posted dance videos set to trendy hip-hop songs. One of her dance performances went viral in late 2020. In July 2021, she performed a lip-sync to music by rapper $not. She also occasionally posted comedy content with fellow content creator Rula on both TikTok and Instagram.

She joined YouTube on February 5, 2022 and started making relationship themed videos with her boyfriend K2RaW on both their channels in July that year. The first video on her channel was Q&A/Mukbang😋with K2Raw‼️ *Crazy Questions* and featured K2RaW. Around the same time, she also started featuring in videos on his YouTube channel, including I Told Briblixks She’s A Catfish😱 …. ** she flipped!! **, I Told Briblixks I Like her 🤯 *She was blushing*, I Grabbed Briblixks Neck 😱* She Tried To Riz Me Up*, and I Called Briblixks Bae 😱*Thats Her New Name*. In the following months, both of them made similar prank type videos featuring each other for their respective channels. He even took her to shoot her first gun at the gun range, which he vlogged about in a video on his channel in December 2022. She continued to appear in several prank videos on his channel throughout her pregnancy.

Family Life

Briblixks was born as Brianna. She is multiracial. Although she was born in the Bronx, New York, she is currently based in Connecticut. She has a brother named Brandon who appeared in a video with her and K2RaW on the latter’s channel in August 2023.

She is currently in a relationship with fellow social media star K2RaW, with whom she has been making content together for both their social media profiles since July 2022. In a video from late October 2022 on his channel, he asked her to be his girlfriend, following which she uploaded the video I Asked Him To Be My Boyfriend *Crazy Ending* a few days later. They subsequently started making several relationship themed videos. In May 2023, they announced that they were expecting a child together. They did gender reveal videos on both their channels and also revealed the baby girl’s name, Nylah Lee. However, in early August, they made a two-part video, one part in each channel, to talk about her miscarriage at 29 weeks. Both of them got the baby’s name tattooed and also hosted a ceremony in her honor.