Brianna Buchanan is an Instagram star known primarily for posting pictures featuring different fashion looks, often accompanying her photos with inspiring messages. She has garnered a substantial following of over 60,000 followers on her briachanan account. Brianna first found a web following on TikTok, where she frequently appeared on the leaderboard under the username k1mmy912, amassing over 1 million fans on the app. In addition to her success on social media platforms, she also created a YouTube channel at the end of June 2016.

Career & Family Life

Brianna's real name is Brianna Buchanan, and she has a supportive family that plays an active role in her social media endeavors. Her mother, Kimberly, is particularly involved in managing her daughter's online presence. Brianna also has two brothers, Bradley and Beau. Notably, in June 2016, she achieved the 14th most hearts on the TikTok leaderboard, placing her between popular users Savannah Soutas and Christian Collins. With her family's support and her dedication to creating engaging content, Brianna continues to inspire and entertain her growing audience.