Bretman Rock is an Instagram star with over 18 million followers, often garnering more than 1 million hearts for individual posts. Renowned for his makeup content, he initially gained a following on Vine and YouTube. Bretman joined Twitter in May 2011 and launched his YouTube channel in September 2012, though he only began creating content on the platform in 2015. He has successfully amassed more than 8 million subscribers on YouTube. In addition to his online presence, he has made personalized merchandise available on the online site Wnrs Market. In June 2020, it was announced that Bretman would be featured in a new series on Ellen DeGeneres' Ellen Digital Network.

Career & Family Life

Born in the Philippines and later relocating to Hawaii, Bretman is also of Portuguese descent. He featured his sister, Princess Mae, in his first challenge video, and his niece, Cleo, also frequently appears across his social media. Bretman was previously in a relationship, but they broke up in 2021. He has collaborated with other YouTube personalities, including Simplynessa15. Bretman's dynamic online presence and engaging content have made him a prominent figure in the social media landscape.