Bramty Juliette is a well-known content creator and the matriarch of The Bramfam, a family vlogging channel that documents her life as a young married woman. Her channel has garnered over 2.6 million subscribers. Bramty initially started with a self-titled channel in October 2014, but it wasn't until February 2016 that she posted her first video, "Clothing and Home Decor Thrift Haul." In June 2018, Bramty and her family embarked on their very own BramFam tour, further solidifying their presence in the vlogging community.

Career & Family Life

Bramty has an older brother and a younger brother named Jeff. She shares her life with her husband, Luis Espina, and their children. The couple has a daughter named Penelope and welcomed twins, Balcom and Levy, in November 2018. Luis has served as a sailor in the United States Navy. In March 2018, their channel featured web sensation David Dobrik in a video titled "DAVID DOBRIK VISITS THE BRAMFAM HOUSE!" which contributed to their growing popularity.