Brace Face Laii, whose real name is Laila Wiggins, is a prominent video content creator on Instagram, known for her energetic dance performances to hip-hop songs alongside friends and family. Originating from Virginia, she has captivated a massive audience, with her account amassing over 1.7 million followers. Despite a setback in December 2017, when her account was hacked and her previous content erased, she had already garnered 438,000 followers by that time. Laila also shares her dance videos on her popular Dubsmash account, bracefacelaii, which impressively surpassed 20 million views in the summer of 2020.

Career & Family Life

Laila often features her niece and nephew in her videos, adding a personal touch to her content. She has been in a relationship with Anayah Rice, and together they have managed a joint Instagram account, lndn4l. Additionally, Laila frequently collaborates with her friend Esssenccee, further enhancing her engaging and dynamic presence on social media.