Bobbie-Jo, known on TikTok as bobbiebxtch, has become a popular content creator on the platform, amassing over 5 million fans with her engaging pop lip-sync videos. Her rise to social media stardom began unexpectedly when she downloaded the app, which later became TikTok, while at home one day. Represented by ByteSized Talent in the UK, Bobbie-Jo has expanded her influence beyond TikTok, gaining over 160,000 followers on Instagram where she shares snippets of her life and collaborations, including partnerships with companies like Casetify. In August 2018, she held her first Meet and Greet event and shared moments from the event on Instagram.

Career & Family Life

Hailing from London, England, Bobbie-Jo shares her life with her two brothers and has been in a relationship with Gunzhino. Her TikTok content includes memorable collaborations such as a duet with Chany Dakota set to Lady Gaga's "Born this Way." Through her dynamic presence and creativity, Bobbie-Jo continues to captivate her audience across multiple social media platforms.