Bernice Burgos is an Instagram model with over 7 million followers who has gained significant fame by starring in music videos and appearing on MTV's Wild 'N Out. In addition to her modeling career, she launched her own sleepwear line called Bold and Beautiful and has served as a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova. Despite her rising fame, she continued to work as a bartender. Bernice has been rumored to have had romantic relationships with high-profile celebrities like Drake and TI. Her Instagram not only features her modeling photos but also showcases her food and gym workouts, providing a glimpse into her personal life.

Career & Family Life

Growing up in the tri-state area between New Jersey and New York City, Bernice has always had a connection to the vibrant culture of the region. In April 2021, she proudly announced on Instagram that she had purchased her dream home. Her daughter, Ashley Marie Burgos, has followed in her footsteps and is also a model. Bernice has starred in music videos by notable artists such as J. Cole and Rick Ross, further cementing her status in the entertainment industry.