Ben Morris is a YouTuber known for his self-titled channel where he publishes a diverse array of content, including soccer videos, FIFA content, vlogs, challenges, and more. He has amassed a following of over 750,000 subscribers. Among his various content, he is particularly noted for his popular video series in which he experiments with different jobs, such as working as a courier for Uber Eats for a week. Ben launched his YouTube channel in December 2015 and posted his first video, "The Ultimate YouTuber Crossbar Challenge!!!" in May 2016. He is friends with fellow YouTube sensation TheBurntChip and is the founder of the PostYouth LTD brand.

Career & Family Life

Ben is also the brother of YouTuber JMX. His engaging videos often feature collaborations with other YouTubers; for instance, Josh Lewis appeared in a video titled "Ridiculous Trampoline Park" on Ben's channel. Through his creative and varied content, Ben has established a significant presence in the YouTube community and continues to entertain and inspire his audience.