Baylor Barnes first gained fame on Vine as a member of the trio Dem White Boyz, alongside John Stephen Grice and Cole LaBrant. Their breakout moment came when they submitted a twerking video to a contest on Vine, which catapulted their channel to new heights. Barnes also maintained a personal Vine account with hundreds of thousands of followers, complementing the millions who followed the Dem White Boyz account. Extending his social media influence, Barnes became extremely popular on Instagram, amassing over 190,000 followers on the platform. His Dem White Boyz channel was one of the most-followed accounts on Vine, ranking alongside other famous Viners like Jerry Purpdrank, Alx James, and King Bach.

Career & Family Life

Born and raised in Troy, Alabama, Baylor Barnes attended Charles Henderson High School. He has a sister named Kayla and frequently shared photos of his then-girlfriend Averi Williams on Instagram. Barnes' success on Vine and Instagram solidified his status as a significant social media personality during the platform's peak years.