Baylee Jae, whose full name is Baylee Jae Neubeker, is an artist who gained popularity through her art tutorials and drawing demos on her BayleeCreations YouTube channel, amassing over 1 million subscribers. She also runs a Doodle Domain account, which provides step-by-step drawing tutorials specifically designed for kids. Baylee launched her YouTube channel in 2012 while she was attending college for animation. In addition to her online presence, she has worked professionally on TV shows and animated feature films. Her day-to-day life as an artist and animator is documented through video blogs on her BumbleBaylee channel.

Career & Family Life

Baylee has an older brother named Wendell and a younger sister named Brooklyn. In October 2017, she married her long-term boyfriend Christian. Her talent and hard work have been recognized in various ways, including receiving an iPad from SoCraftastic after winning a contest on the channel in 2013. Balancing her professional work and online content creation, Baylee continues to inspire and educate her audience through her artistic endeavors.