Born Helen Ruth Van Winkle in Hazard, Kentucky, Baddiewinkle rose to fame as a social media sensation on platforms like Twitter, Vine, and Instagram under her iconic Baddiewinkle handle. With the help of her great-granddaughter Kennedy, she launched her Twitter account and quickly amassed over 160,000 followers. Her Instagram presence is even more impressive, boasting over 3.1 million followers. Baddiewinkle's charismatic and unique persona earned her the title of Instagrammer of the Year at the 2016 Shorty Awards. She also made a notable appearance in the music video for LunchMoney Lewis's single "Ain't Too Cool" and became the spokesperson for Smirnoff's Ice Electric Drink in the Keep it Moving campaign.

Career & Family Life

Her vibrant personality and unconventional style attracted attention from celebrities and media alike. In 2015, she was personally invited to the VMAs by star actress and singer Miley Cyrus. Additionally, during the ALS ice bucket challenge phenomenon in 2014, she nominated none other than Beyoncé. Beyond her social media fame, Baddiewinkle's personal life includes her marriage to Earl Van Winkle and their son named David. Her journey from Hazard, Kentucky to international social media stardom is a testament to her enduring appeal and trailblazing spirit.