Bad Kid Tray is an American social media star who gained popularity for appearing in the videos on the FunnyMike channel run by MacArthur Johnson. He appeared with a group called Tha Bad Kids alongside DEDE 3X, WooWoo, BadKid.Jay and Badkid Mark. He also featured in some videos of a girl group called “RapAlotkids”. He is currently active on the Certified Tray YouTube channel and @r4etray1 Instagram profile.


Bad Kid Tray is one of the kids whose shenanigans Young 22 aka FunnyMike had started to capture in his videos on the channel of the same name in 2017. Tray, alongside other kids like DEDE 3X, WooWoo, BadKid.Jay, Badkid Mark and Bad Kid Mykel, often appeared in the videos on the FunnyMike channel. FunnyMike soon started to call the group the “The Bad Kids” and produced and uploaded several songs made by the kids on the channel. Tray featured on most of the music videos, including the one for the song Fresh by DEDE 3X. In the following years, he continued to appear on regular videos on the channel, as well as music videos that some of the members or FunnyMike made.

Later in 2020, Tha Bad Kids group started to collaborate with another similar group called “RapAlotkids” that consisted of Asya aka Rapalotkid.asyaaa, Paige, RJ, Azariah, Cash and Brooklyn who were active on The RapAlot Family channel. While some of their collaborative videos focused on the relationship between Asya and Jay, Tray also featured in some relationship themed prank videos alongside them. While the two groups stopped collaborating later that year, they stayed in touch. Both Tray and Jay later appeared in relationship-themed videos on Asya’s personal YouTube channel ASYAS WORLD.

In June 2019, he created his personal YouTube channel Certified Tray, although he started uploading on the channel in May 2020 with the video SMASH OR PASS ( JAY & Bam ), during the Covid-19 lockdowns. He posted vlogs, Q&A’s, pranks, social experiments, and videos about his daily routine and shoe collection. He often collaborated with the other Bad Kids in his videos. He was previously active in a couple other channels called badkid tray, although they only contain a few videos. Apart from these channels, he has also featured in the personal channels of some of The Bad Kids and other social media stars like Runik. He started posting on his Instagram profile @ganglyfe_tray on January 25, 2019. However, he is currently active on the profile @r4etray1.

Family Life

In a vlog from January 2023, Bad Kid Tray revealed that he was in the hospital after getting shot in the back because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He made several videos about his treatment and recovery. While he has appeared in a few relationship-themed videos with Rapalotkid.asyaaa, he mentioned being single in a Q&A video on his channel and vlogged about his first date in March 2023. He introduced his girlfriend in another video titled Meet My New Girlfriend… in July.