BabyMagic is an American social media star who rose to fame on Instagram for sharing her dance videos. She later appeared on the popular YouTube channel run by Funny Mike and also had a joint channel called Sister Sister with her older sister Debria Love, where they showcased sisterly love to inspire other siblings. She is now active on her personal channel, The Magic Life, and her Instagram profile @ya1favmagic.


BabyMagic loved to dance ever since childhood. She also loved the camera and started to record herself all day long. She then joined Instagram and began to share her dance videos, following which she went viral for her “whoa dance” video. While her older sister Debria initially thought it weird, she wanted to make sure that their “15 mins of fame” didn’t go to waste. She had a YouTube channel since she was 12 years old and decided to start a joint channel for her and her sister called Sister Sister, in August 2018. They started sharing dance videos and other types of content there. Magic also gained recognition for appearing in Funny Mike's YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, BabyMagic’s original Instagram profile was somehow disabled in early 2019 after reaching 135k followers. While she was so devastated initially that she wanted to give up on all social media, she took it as a test of faith and eventually created a new profile with the handle @yalbabymagic in April 2019 due to her love for dancing and social media. She had surpassed one million followers on that account before it, too, was disabled. Fortunately, she maintained a second profile with the handle @ya1favmagic where she also shared Dubsmash videos. She is currently active on that account, and also shares a joint Instagram profile, @_sisternation, with her sister, although they are not very active on the joint profile.

BabyMagic and her sister Debria have also not posted anything on their joint YouTube channel in more than a year since their video MAGIC THROWS DEBRIA FOOD OUT THE WINDOW *PRANKMAS DAY 1 in December 2022. They started out posting all kinds to videos covering trending YouTube topics including pranks, challenges, vlogs, cooking videos and hair and makeup videos. While they don’t post on the Sister Sister channel anymore, both the sisters have separate personal channels. BabyMagic is now active on her channel, The Magic Life, which was created in March 2021, while her sister maintains the channel DebriaLove. She started uploading on her channel the same month with a video about her 15th birthday celebrations. While she also continues to make videos on trending YouTube topics, she told Sweety High in an interview in November 2020 that originality has been very important to her. In the same interview, she revealed that she was very excited about starting her own clothing line very soon.

Family Life

BabyMagic has an older sister named Debria Love who is also a social media star, as well as a model, poet and journalist.