Avivasofia is an American social media star and streamer who rose to fame on TikTok for her e-girl content. She used to go live on TikTok before starting to stream on Twitch, and has streamed games as well as her morning routine. She was briefly a part of Misfits Gaming Group. She is also active on Instagram and her two YouTube channels: Aviva Sofia Gaming and Aviva Sofia.

Early Life

Avivasofia mentioned having to drop out of high school due to mental health issues, but had accumulated enough credits to apply for college. At one point, she sold bikini pictures to save money to go to college to become a therapist, but later focused on social media career after gaining popularity. She also worked as a waitress, but left the job after being asked by her friend Caleb Finn why she was still doing it.


Avivasofia, who started watching other people’s content on TikTok in December 2018, decided to create content herself in April 2019. She was particularly fond of the e-boy/e-girl trend and started making e-girl videos that were extremely well-received by her fans. She posted all kinds of videos including vlogs, lives and videos on trending topics, and also often interacted with her fans on serious topics like mental health. She made a video on the song Valentino by 24KGoldn which started a huge trend on the platform, making the song very popular. She subsequently got the opportunity to meet and collaborate with him. They formed a lasting friendship and continue to help each other constantly with promotions.

The earliest post on her Instagram profile was from April 28, 2019. She also joined YouTube with the channel Aviva Sofia Gaming the same year in June. Although she is now quite popular for streaming on Twitch, she was actually late to join the platform because she didn’t even know about Twitch for a long time. Initially, she liked going live on TikTok and would often record herself playing Smash Bros on her television screen reflected on the mirror and captured on her phone on a tripod. In fact, it was her viewers who told her to go and stream on Twitch, following which she did exactly that. She started streaming The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on an iMac computer and learned everything about streaming while doing it. She was a part of the Misfits Gaming Group for a while, but left following issues with management. While she is not very fond of her early streams, she believes that she has grown as a gamer and streamer. After she moved to California and only had her laptop with her, she started streaming makeup videos on someone’s advice.

Family Life

Avivasofia streams from her family home. She used to smoke everyday for about five years but has quit after having anxiety about health issues. She doesn’t drive as it gives her anxiety. She had a stalker for three years who even threatened to kill her once.