Born Ariana Renee, Arii first gained her web following on under the name TheyLoveArii before becoming known simply as arii. She has amassed a significant Instagram following exceeding 2.7 million. Arii is close friends with fellow social media star Baby Ariel, and the two frequently collaborate on videos. She launched a fashion line called ERA in 2019. Arii began her journey on in May of 2015 and was featured on the app the following month. A former cheerleader, she developed an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, owning a record label and a clothing line as a teenager. Her fame on social media also led her to launch a nail polish line. Arii celebrated her 17th birthday at the Famous Birthdays office.

Career & Family Life

Arii's background is rich in cultural diversity; her mother hails from New York and Cuba, while her father's family is Nicaraguan. She has a younger sister who is almost a decade younger than her. In 2018, Arii began dating a boy who goes by Qa on social media. She has also collaborated on videos with other well-known social stars such as Loren Gray and Weston Koury, further solidifying her presence in the social media world.