Antonio Dez is an American social media star who is the younger brother of another popular influencer, A1saud. He started appearing on the channel, Jules & Saud, of his brother and his girlfriend before making videos on his eponymous channel. He later created several other channels like AntonioDezLive and Maddy & Antonio, with his girlfriend, but is mostly active on their main channels.

Early Life

Antonio Dez revealed through a YouTube vlog in September 2023 that he was dropping out of college as a sophomore.


Antonio Dez, who has lived with his older brother A1saud for most of his life, was inspired to join social media, particularly YouTube, following in his footsteps. Even before he started making his own videos, he was often featured in the videos of his brother and his girlfriend Julia Raleigh on their channel Jules & Saud, and witnessed firsthand how they grew from nothing to a popular influencer. So he decided to create his own YouTube channel and started making fun videos. He joined YouTube with his eponymous channel in April 2020 and started uploading with the video Exposing my deepest secrets..., in which he also briefly featured Julia and Saud, in December that year. Prior to YouTube, he posted lip-sync and comedy video on TikTok since March 2019.

He continued to make YouTube videos on diverse topics including challenges, pranks, daily routines, room tour and baking videos. He regularly featured his brother and his girlfriend in most of his videos, which helped him gain followers from their established fan bases. He began to feature his girlfriend, Maddy Wodecki, in most of his videos starting in late 2021 and the two made several relationship themed videos together. He also appeared in her channel when she started making YouTube videos in March 2023. Moreover, they made a couples’ channel called Maddy & Antonio in May 2023, but have not uploaded anything there.

Family Life

Antonio Dez has two brothers, one of whom is popular social media star known as A1saud, who revealed being a female-to-male transgender through a vlog in April 2021. After that, Antonio mentioned in a Q&A video that he was very proud of Saud as he probably wouldn’t have the guts to do anything like that. He took Spanish lessons and can understand some words, although he cannot speak the language fluently. He has Cape Verdean and Italian ancestry. He plays soccer and is decent at skating.


Antonio Dez, who mentioned in his very first video that he didn’t have a girlfriend, but later said it was complicated while answering the same question months later, introduced his girlfriend Maddy Wodecki with the video Q&A With My Girlfriend in November 2021. They explained that they got to know each other after she watched a TikTok video of him on her “For You” page and left a comment. He subsequently followed her and they started talking. He vlogged about her moving in with him into Julia and Saud’s house in April 2022.