Annie Rose is an American social media star best known for her eponymous YouTube channel on which she makes videos about life, organization, productivity, and homeschooling. She had shifted to the annie channel in 2021 after having issues with YouTube on her main channel, but is now active on both channels. She had originally gained fame on YouTube on the channel Annie & Hope Jazzy Girl Stuff along with her best friend Hope Marie. Apart from YouTube, she is also active on Instagram (@itsannierose) and TikTok (@annierose).

Early Life

Annie Rose has been homeschooled all her life, but attended a co-op school named PACES once a week.


Annie Rose was inspired to start her own vlogging channel in summer 2015 after watching YouTubers like Casey Neistat and Bethany Mota with her best friend Hope Marie. She and Hope created their joint channel, Annie & Hope Jazzy Girl Stuff (later renamed to Annie & Hope), in January 2015, and the next month, started posting videos that they had playfully created during the Christmas holidays. The channel was very popular among their young audience and crossed 1k subscribers in about four months. Annie subsequently created her own vlogging channel, Annie's Vlogs, but unfortunately, that channel is no longer available. In August 2016, she created another channel called Annie Rose which went on to become her primary channel where she uploads videos about her “life, organization, productivity, and being a homeschooler”. She and Hope stopped uploading videos on their joint channel after November 2017.

Much later in March 2021, she created a new channel simply called annie, because YouTube had disabled comments on her other channel, Annie Rose, because of which making videos on that channel became boring for her. She discussed this in the video why I left this channel, posted on May 12, 2021. She subsequently became active on the newer channel and made pretty much the same kind of content covering organization, lifestyle, house decorating, and school themed videos. Interestingly, she returned to the Annie Rose channel in 2023 and started posting regular videos there. It seems that she has sorted out previous issues with YouTube as comments are now enabled for videos on that channel. Nevertheless, she continues to post videos more frequently on the annie channel, although it has very low number of subscribers compared to her older channel.

Family Life

Annie Rose Cole is the fourth child of Mark Cole and Shona Cole and has five siblings: older brother Matthew, older sisters Lily and Laura, and younger brothers Max and Mark Adam. She has Irish ancestry from her mother’s side and visits Dublin every year. Her father is the Vice chairman of the Board of Directors of Montgomery County Hospital District. She is very fond of animals and has had several cats and dogs as pets. Annie reportedly dated Enoch Erdner between 2018 and 2020, during which period they were seen in many pictures and videos together. She dated Brennan Wuerch in 2020 as well.