American travel blogger Anna Kate shot to fame with her chronicles of her travel adventures on Instagram. She is known for her travel blog, Crazy In The Rain, where she offers travel guides and tips, food recommendations, and even photography services. Apart from travel content, she also posts on social issues, such as mental health, fat phobia, and racism. She is on YouTube and Facebook too. She has amassed a huge fan base on Twitter too.

Early Life

Anna Kate grew up in a forest in Etna, Maine, US. She was inspired to travel by her mom, who was herself a traveler back in her early 20s.

Social Media Career

Anna has made a niche for herself in the travel blogging and vlogging scene. An avid traveler since her younger days, she is not just known for social media consulting, but is also a talented travel writer and photographer.

Experienced in solo travel, Anna has been to places such as Israel, Canada, Belize, Tanzania, Japan, Canada, and Iceland, apart from traveling across the US.

Her blog, Crazy In The Rain, not only documents her travel experiences, but also offers tips and travel guides, including food recommendations and itineraries. She also offers photography services through her blog and shoots portfolios too.

Anna uses her platform to talk about mental health, fat phobia, periods, and social justice too. Her work has been featured in media channels such as USA Today, the Travel Channel, and the Huffington Post.

She has an active YouTube channel, The Legendary Adventures of Anna. Launched in January 2011, the channel showcases her travel adventures.

She is hugely popular on Instagram. Her account on the platform, crazyintherain, has fetched her thousands of followers with its engaging travel content and her adorable selfies from all across the globe. She also talks about racism, home cooking, and makeup.

She has also amassed thousands of followers on Facebook and has a huge fan base on Twitter too. Back in March 2021, she retweeted actor Lana Condor.

Family Life

Back in late 2010, Anna had a bad breakup. This led her to take up travel seriously and she embarked on a Europe trip.