Anna Cunningham became a popular figure on TikTok while she was undergoing treatment for Ewing sarcoma cancer. She initially joined the app when it was known as, and her first video, captioned "Smile," featured Daniel Skye's song "Smile." TikTok featured her videos four times, which helped her reach the 100,000 fan mark by late 2016. Anna attended Basalt High School in Colorado and amassed a significant following with her uplifting content, despite her challenging battle with cancer. In a memorable video where she celebrated her last day of chemotherapy, she used Sia's song "The Greatest."

Career & Family Life

Anna passed away in 2019, but her legacy continued through a successful fundraiser held in her honor, which raised more than $30,000 for Ewing sarcoma research. The event saw numerous teachers and students cutting their hair to show their support and honor her memory. Anna's journey and positive spirit left a lasting impact on her community and her fans worldwide.