Australian TikTok star Angelo Marasigan shot to fame overnight when his comedy skits and impressions on his TikTok account, _angelomarasigan, went viral. Angelo usually features his sister, Lexy, on his videos. His vlogs, skits, and challenges are also showcased on his YouTube channel, while he posts his selfies and life updates on Instagram. Angelo’s content has been featured on Buzzfeed and he has created content for brands such as Sony Music and Spotify. He has also launched his own clothing line, Literally by Angleo.

Early Life

Angelo Marasigan is from north-west Sydney, Australia. Back in late 2019, he debuted on TikTok with the clip Things that will happen to you in 2020.

Social Media Career

Angelo Marasigan is known for his relatable TikTok content that he posts on his account, _angelomarasigan. His content mostly consists of comedy skits, impressions, dance videos, and acting performances. Over the years, he has amassed millions of followers on the platform.

He calls himself a director, editor, and actor, and has created content for top-notch brands such as Telstra, Sony Music, and Spotify.

Even Buzzfeed has featured his content. A July 2022 clip he posted, Pls tell me you've seen this one, went viral and fetched him over 18 million cumulative views. He has also created impressions of fellow social media stars such as Dhar Mann.

He is equally popular on Instagram. His account on the platform, _angelo.marasigan, has fetched him a huge fan base. He mostly posts quirky selfies and other funny content, some of which also feature his sister. He also updates his fans on his travel and food journey.

He launched his YouTube channel in July 2022. The channel hosts his skits, vlogs, and challenges and has amassed a few thousand followers. However, he is not too active on it. One of his most popular videos on the channel is Kardashian Drama: Showers.

He and his sister have also launched a clothing line, Literally by Angleo, which aims to provide comfort, with a touch of humor. They promote it through Instagram.

Family Life

Angelo grew up with his younger sister, Alexandra, also known as Lexy. He has also featured her in many of his comedy skits and other content on TikTok.