Andrew Gregory is a social media star who gained popularity through his relationship with web phenomenon Kristen Hancher. He became well-known on Instagram, amassing over 140,000 followers on his andrewgregory__ account. On his Instagram, he regularly posted a mix of selfies and outfit photos, often posing in front of cars. His first photo on the platform dates back to August 2015. Additionally, Andrew is active on Snapchat under the username andrew.greg. He has a keen interest in streetwear fashion and frequently tags the brands he wears in his posts.

Career & Family Life

Andrew and Kristen began dating in April 2016, but their relationship came to an end in 2018. During their time together, he appeared as a background player in a video created by Kristen that was aimed at roasting RiceGum. Despite their breakup, Andrew has maintained his presence on social media, continuing to engage his audience with his fashion-forward posts and charismatic personality.