Andrew Burriss, a Filipino-American, is a well-known member of the YouTube-famous Burriss brothers, alongside Alex and Aaron Burriss. In June 2019, Andrew launched his own YouTube channel called DrewTubeHD, which has garnered more than 170,000 subscribers. His DrewTube channel features a variety of content, including challenge videos, pranks, and vlogs. Andrew was born in North Carolina, while his brothers Aaron and Alex were born in the Philippines and Montana, respectively. He gained notable attention when he was featured in Aaron's "Bean Boozled Challenge" video in April 2014. His own video, "BRO v BRO | Who KnoWs Me BetTeR?" has received over 660,000 views since its release in June 2019.

Career & Family Life

In addition to his brothers, Andrew has a sister named Mariah. He has also been romantically linked to Angelica Rosas. His brother Alex is part of a popular YouTube duo with Roi Fabito. The Burriss family continues to make a significant impact on YouTube, with each member contributing their unique content and personalities.