Anastasia Kvitko is a fitness model who has gained widespread fame as an Instagram phenomenon, captivating audiences with her mix of everyday looks and professional model photos. With over 12 million followers on her self-titled account, she has established a significant online presence. Kvitko posted her first photo on Instagram, which was a collection of various artworks, in May 2013. Over time, she expanded her influence to Twitter, amassing more than 140,000 followers. Her popularity has led to partnerships with notable beverage companies such as Bang Energy and Vooz Hydrate, featuring their products on her popular Instagram page. Additionally, she has collaborated with the clothing line Fashion Nova, further solidifying her status in the fashion and fitness industries.

Career & Family Life

Originally from Moscow, Russia, Kvitko relocated to Miami, Florida, where she continued to build her career and grow her following. Her striking resemblance and similar social media presence to Kim Kardashian have earned her the nickname "the Russian version of Kim Kardashian." Her journey from Moscow to Miami and her successful collaborations with prominent brands are a testament to her influence and popularity in the social media world.