Anaisha Torres is an Instagram sensation with a following of more than 400,000 fans. She has amassed her large collection of followers by posting a mix of selfies, dance clips, and TikTok lip-sync videos. Anaisha began her Instagram journey in April 2016 with a photo captioned "First picture G'morning guys have a great day." Besides her success on Instagram, she also became a popular TikTok creator, garnering tens of thousands of followers on the app by making videos to the tunes of artists like Akon, Bastille, and Justin Bieber.

Career & Family Life

Anaisha comes from a family with social media influence; she has two siblings, one of whom, Jacob, is also an Instagram and TikTok star. Much like Aloha_halia, Anaisha gained popularity through her active presence on both TikTok and Instagram. Her diverse content and engaging personality have played a significant role in her rise to social media fame.