Alonzo Howard gained widespread recognition as an Instagram sensation in the summer of 2016 by creating popular dubsmash and dance challenge videos. His engaging content quickly amassed him over 600,000 followers on his dread_hhead Instagram account, which unfortunately was disabled in 2019. An athlete from an early age, Alonzo excelled in basketball, football, and boxing during his youth. His online success eventually led him to become a host for the internet radio show Teen Talk, further expanding his influence.

Career & Family Life

In his personal life, Alonzo Howard grew up with two brothers and three sisters. He started dating Iamg0ldiecurls in 2016, but their relationship ended in 2017. The following year, he welcomed a son into his life. Additionally, Alonzo collaborated with dancer ChyTheGreatest in several Instagram videos, showcasing his versatile talent and contributing to his online fame.