Allie Rose, whose real name is Alexia Tanner, is the second oldest child of Johnny and Sarah Tanner. She is prominently featured on her family's popular YouTube channel, Tannerites, which has garnered over 200,000 subscribers since its inception in July 2015. Allie also runs her own YouTube channel, Allie the Rose, where she shares a variety of content including prank, reaction, and challenge videos. From a young age, she developed a passion for singing, dancing, and acting. Additionally, she enjoys dressing up as various princesses, a hobby she often showcases through photos on her Instagram account.

Career & Family Life

Allie is the elder sister to Daniell, Savannah, Lizzy, Az, and Canyon, and has one older sibling, Branson. Her family's engaging content and Allie's unique personality have contributed to their online success. In a significant personal milestone, Allie announced her engagement in October 2023, marking an exciting new chapter in her life.