Alexis Rose is a social media personality and dancer renowned for her engaging cheerleading and dance videos. Since launching her Instagram page in February 2019, she has amassed a following of over 300,000 on her self-titled alexisrose_7 account. Her popularity extends to TikTok, where she has garnered more than 600,000 likes. One of her most notable TikTok videos is a snap challenge posted on March 3, 2021, which quickly became a fan favorite. In addition to her solo content, Alexis often collaborates with friends for entertaining lip-sync skits and has featured her mom in several dance videos.

Career & Family Life

In May 2022, Alexis underwent surgery on her meniscus, an experience she openly shared with her followers through a detailed series of TikTok videos documenting her hospital stay and recovery process. Her transparency and resilience during this time resonated with her audience, further solidifying her connection with them. Alexis also collaborated with fellow social media star Gavin Magnus on a TikTok video posted on February 22, 2021. Through her creative content and engaging personality, Alexis Rose continues to captivate and grow her audience across multiple social media platforms.