Alex Erin is a social media star who identifies as a transgender male. He has garnered more than 40,000 followers on Instagram where he shares a variety of pictures from his life, often featuring friends or family. Alex initially gained notoriety on the app, which later evolved into TikTok, with his first video captioned "You're in love with me." In 2017, he participated in The Revolution Tour alongside several other TikTok creators, boosting his popularity.

Career & Family Life

Aside from his presence on TikTok and Instagram, Alex Erin also runs a self-titled YouTube channel where he uploads various vlogs about his life. He has a twin sister named Ashley Potter. The Revolution Tour, which Alex joined, included other creators like Kana Blender and Aless.dancelife. Through his diverse content and active engagement on multiple social media platforms, Alex continues to share his journey and connect with a broad audience.