AG McDaniel aka Annagrace McDaniel is an American social media star who is particularly known for her LGBTQ-related content on her TikTok profile @ag.mcdaniel, which was banned in 2023. She currently posts videos on the profile @marpetcuncher222. She also made comedy skits and posted modeling and basketball pictures on her Instagram profile @ag.mcdaniel22. She was briefly active on her eponymous YouTube channel.

Early Life

An athletic person, AG McDaniel enjoyed playing basketball in high school, where her jersey number was 22.

AG McDaniel started her social media career on Instagram in January 2018 and initially shared pictures of her modeling photos on the platform. She also often shared pictures of her playing basketball on her school team. She shared a picture with her friend Alexis Roselle in April 2019 and snaps from her trip to Clearwater Beach the same month. She later joined TikTok with the handle @ag.mcdaniel in June 2019. She made skit videos and also posted music driven content like lip-sync and dance videos. One of her TikTok videos, set to the Sam Smith song, Like I Can, went viral on the platform and has been viewed more than a million times.

She has openly talked about being a lesbian and has been known for her LGBTQ-related content on her TikTok profile, which attracted a loyal fan base. During the Covid-19 lockdowns, she gained immense popularity for her videos as part of the dynamic trio including Avery Cyrus (@averycyrus) and Soph Mosca (@sophmosca). She also has a YouTube channel, although she has only uploaded one video on the channel, titled CHUBBY BUNNY CHALLENGE IN LA WITH SARAH BARRIOS FT LESBIAN TIKTOKERS, in October 2020.


Back in mid-2020 when AG McDaniel had already surpassed one million followers on TikTok but was not verified on the platform, a fan by the name Sharp Sharkie had started a petition hoping to convince TikTok administration of getting her verified especially because of her willingness to stand up for the LGBTQ community. While the petition did not attract much interest at the time, AG was able to steadily grow her following and cross 1.9 million followers. However, for some reason, her original TikTok account @ag.mcdaniel was banned in 2023. She went on to post videos from another profile, @marpetcuncher222, including a video in November that year calling for unbanning her original account with the caption, “ag mcdaniel gonna be out the chains soon”. When a worried fan asked about the reason for her ban, fellow “gay gym rat” who goes by @alxyelift responded with the comment, “She hung out w me”.

Family Life

AG McDaniel was born as Annagrace McDaniel. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, she has lived in Louisville, Kentucky. She has been friends with fellow social media personalities such as Avery Blanchard, Ashley Fisher, and Kailey Amora. An openly lesbian person, she was previously in a relationship with fellow TikToker Pyper Jones. In a video on November 10, 2019, she had introduced another woman as her boyfriend.